The following is a media release:

As part of the upcoming poetry out loud festivities being held in Cheyenne, Detroit author and performance poet M.L. Liebler(pronounced Leebler) and Moby Grape Founding Member Peter Lewis, will perform at the historic Atlas Theater in downtown Cheyenne on Saturday, February 26th. Beginning at 7:30. Liebler says the shows are a nice mix of poetry and music.

"We'll do some of the songs that are sort of more or less poetic, songs we've written together and then Peter will perform acoustically some of the Moby Grape songs from his group, some of his own original pieces. We kind of have a nice little set where we're merging some of what we do together, some of my poetry in music, some of his Moby Grape and some of his original."

General admission tickets are $5, $3 for students, military and seniors, “over the hill hippies and beatniks.” On Sunday the 27th Lewis and Liebler will conduct a free public workshop at the Laramie County Public Library from 2-4 P.M. These events are all sponsored by the Wyoming Arts Council, the poetry foundation and the national endowment for the arts. For more information, long onto