The Occupy Wall Street movement has been causing much debate between the nation's citizens and lawmakers. Over the weekend Cheyenne and Jackson Hole, WY joined in on the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

While our government is busy trying to spend more money citizens across our great nation are trying to make their voices heard. Even the state of Wyoming with a population of under 550,000 has joined in on the movement. This past weekend protesters gathered in Cheyenne and Jackson Hole. The gathering of protesters in Jackson was a statement that even in Wyoming the actions of our government are far reaching and affect everyone.

In 2008 the Internal Revenue Service ranked Teton County as having the top adjusted gross income of all United States Counties. For Teton County to participate in a national movement such as Occupy Wall Street is a testament that America is hurting. For the skeptics, according to the Jackson Hole News and Guide, all the protesters interviewed had jobs. However that doesn't mean every protester in attendance had a job. It simply means even in a county ranking as one of the top in the nation for adjusted gross income there are still problems that need to be addressed by those responsible.

Cheyenne also had quite a number of people come out this weekend to protest. Just like Thousands of others across the country protesters in Cheyenne carried signs calling for the repeal of tax loopholes, criticizing executive pay and  addressing the failure to create jobs.

Now might be the time that each person should really take a look at the issues at hand. Is our government really doing what's right for out nation and the people who inhabit it? Is every American, working or not really doing everything possible to succeed and make our nation regain it's prominent stature? What is really going on in our nation and how can we make it better?