Someone get this guy a financial adviser, stat.

A man from Henderson, Nev. won $10 million playing a slot machine last weekend at the Fiesta Henderson Casino. What he plans to do with his winnings is hilarious.

The lucky fella, identified only as Roger, joked when he said he hadn't told his family about his windfall because he wants to keep all the money for himself. He then announced to the Las Vegas Review-Journal his plans for the loot.

“I’ll probably spend most of it on women and alcohol and gambling. The rest of it I’ll waste."

We think he's kidding. Think. You never know what the game plan is for people after they hit the jackpot.

And if you think about it, he could be a jackpot winner or an athlete who's just signed his first-ever pro contract and has no clue how to turn that $10 million contract into double that through such foreign means as investing and saving. But, hey, at least he'll have the time of his life blowing through his cash, right?

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