Now, don't get me wrong. This place is absolutely gorgeous. Hats off to the owner and I totally respect the entrepreneurial spirit. I'm one of those people that will never disparage someone for making money. That goes from working-class to celebrities and athletes. If you can get that money, take it.

With that said, it's kind of fun and addicting to look at Airbnb each month as we get closer to Cheyenne Frontier Days. A month ago, the most expensive AIRBNB was under one thousand bucks. I looked this morning and found this beauty of an AIRBNB that is going for $2,000 a day during CFD!

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On top of this place being drop-dead gorgeous, they also boast about the property being 300 feet from the rodeo grounds at Frontier Park. Now, that's convenient and a place to stay in style. Could you imagine just walking a few hundred feet to Frontier Park, being at the rodeo all day, and having the option of walking to your AIRBNB as you please and going back?

This really is the perfect spot to take off your dusty pants and boots after the rodeo, relax for a bit, shower, get dressed to impress, and head out to one of the many night shows that we'll have in the 10-day span.

Now that I have you on the hook, why don't we take a virtual tour and see what this place really has to offer? No photo photography please, as we're just looking at photos already, that'd just be silly.

Look! Cheyenne Frontier Days AIRBNB Prices Starting To Balloon

CFD AIRBNB prices are on the rise. Check out this beautiful AIRBNB going for 2 grand a night.

Cheyenne AIRBNB Already Has Astronomical Price For Cheyenne Frontier Days



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