The Laramie City Council is set to vote on the City of Laramie’s goals for the 2018-2019 year.

Resolution 2018-20(A) outlines the city’s goals and objectives for the upcoming year, each goal being accompanied by a set of milestones to measure the City’s progress on those goals.

The resolution states that Laramie’s governing body based the goals on a state of the City report. It says creating policy goals and objectives promotes the overall effectiveness of the City and promotes community building for current and future generations.

City Manager Janine Jordan says the goal setting process is directed by the City Council, in collaboration with the City Manager’s Office and other city officials.

The first goal identified by the City Council are ensuring Laramie’s municipal government is financially healthy and stable. The milestones of this goal include identifying and prioritizing potential new revenue sources in 2018, continuing fiscal sustainability efforts initiated in 2016. Completing and implementing the renewal strategy for the General Purpose Tax, or 5th Penny tax and the Specific Purpose Tax, or the 6th Penny.

The second goal is to develop and enhance the local economy, including retail businesses. The milestones of this goal include identifying strategies that will increase retail sites in Laramie by 10 percent in 2018, expanding venture capital options in Laramie, complete an assessment of broadband gaps in the community and within three to five years, declare Laramie as the tech and entrepreneurial capital of Wyoming.

Improving the Condition of City Streets and Storm Water Management System is the third goal outlined in the resolution. As part of this goal the city hopes to adopt a financial policy for improving unpaved and undrained areas in Laramie by Sept. 30, 2018. Once that milestone is completed they hope to adopt a street improvement plan to bring the overall Pavement Condition Index to a non-critical level by 2025. The City Council also will work to appropriate funding to this goal and complete an average of one improvement project per year, as laid out in the Storm Water Drainage Improvement Plan.

The City Council will vote whether to approve the goals during their meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council chambers.

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