Now, one of the more glossed-over arts of football has to be field goal kicking. As fans, we always care more about every other position on the field and leave kickers and punters to the wayside. It's tragic. Kickers and punters can change the game. How many times have you watched a game and said to yourself "missing that field goal earlier is huge"? Or something to that effect, anyways. You say it every close game, right?

With that said. The kicker is incredibly important. We just saw how important they are in the Sunday Night game with the Ravens and Bengals matchup. The Ravens needed Justin Tucker to boot a 59-yard field goal to win the game for the Ravens. After the game, everyone talks about how he is the GOAT kicker.

But, have a kicker miss field goals, they usually don't keep their jobs and are called headcases, right? It really is a tough gig. I think that's why they get all these Australian kids in. They've kicked multiple forms of footballs all their life, and they're Australian, so we assumed they're super tough because of Crocodile Dundee, right(kidding)?

Anyways, the TikTok account Wyoming_Cheer showed Wyoming cheerleaders giving their best efforts to kick the ball. And you know what? There are a couple that Coach Bohl should keep his eye on in case we're ever in dire straits.

Check out the video, it's pretty fun to see some knock down a field goal.


I mean, sure, only a couple actually hit the field goal, but another came real close, she just doinked it a little bit. Though, those that hit the field goals, should probably get fitted for some shoulder pads just in case. It's a long season.

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