I'm going to throw fire coming out of the gate, but, you can't have bourbon outside of Kentucky. I know, but that's the hill I'll die on. So, I usually get frustrated when I see something from this side of the country claiming to be bourbon. It's not.

With that said, Wyoming Whiskey has amazing whiskey(and they say they're whiskey). The taste is really good and is really close to what I would expect for bourbon. I read that the water source that they use for Wyoming Whiskey has limestone in it and that's one of the reasons that bourbon tastes like bourbon. There's limestone in the water in Kentucky streams and rivers.

Wyoming Whiskey is trying to get some national love for their amazing whiskey, and you can help them out! They have been nominated for the "Best Craft Whiskey Distillery" category, for USA Today's 10Best Readers Choice awards. It's pretty awesome that they're nominated for this category, and if you want everyone to know how great their whiskey is, you can vote here.

It's really awesome that they're nominated for this recognition, as I mentioned before, they have really good whiskey. And who doesn't want the whole country to know it? I mean, that's good for everyone, right? Well, I mean, it may not necessarily affect you, but you get the idea. Putting a great Wyoming product on the map is great for Wyoming.

In the meantime, let's sit back and wait to see if Wyoming Whiskey can make their way up the list for a win.

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