If you want to live off the grid, totally self-sufficient, then you might want to consider Wyoming.

Though the state does offer a few challenges.

The video below offered Wyoming as #12 in a top 12 list of best states to live off the grid.

But much of what the producers considered well-included subsidies from the states mentioned.

Some states will actually give you money if you are installing wind and solar power for your home.

Wyoming does not offer subsidies for living self-sufficient.

But Wyoming does not get in your way either.

If fact, anyone looking to live off the grid somewhere will be happy to hear that Wyoming will pretty much just leave you alone and let you do your thing. The state actually embraces that sort of lifestyle.

If you are trying to become a hermit, you'll like Wyoming even more, considering it's one of the biggest states for land mass, but the smallest populated state with just over 500,000 people counted as residents.

The problem with Wyoming is the weather.

The growing season is short.

Winter can be harsh.

You'll hate the high winds at some times of the year.

Wyoming has many YouTube channels of people living off the grid, like this couple below, who are making their homestead near Casper.

In 2020 we made the decision to fulfill our dreams and get a small ranch in Wyoming. We are passionate about growing, producing, and harvesting as much of our own food as possible meaning we spend a lot of our time gardening, hunting, fishing, and raising our animals. Each day is a new adventure as we continue to work full-time while connecting with nature, creating amazing food, and exploring the beautiful state of Wyoming.

We can't wait to have you come along with us for the adventure!

Down farther south, near Chugwater Wyoming, are Jill Winger and her husband.

Jill recently bought the Chudwater Soda Fountain and brought it back to life.

She is a popular YouTuber and podcaster as well as an author on homesteading.

I have her introductory YouTube video, below.

I'm Jill Winger, and, as young newlyweds, my husband Christian and I craved something more than the typical American existence. So we bought a tumbledown old farmhouse and subsequently stumbled upon the modern homesteading lifestyle. We weren't born into a rural way of life, so we made ALL the mistakes at the beginning. But over the years, after a LOT of trial and error, we’ve figured out some pretty cool systems that allow us to grow a huge portion of our food AND create the simpler, more intentional life we’ve always wanted. Through the weekly videos I share on my channel, I'll break down the more complex aspects of homesteading for you which will drastically shorten your learning curve as you look to cook from-scratch, grow amazing organic food, and live life on YOUR terms in every way possible.

So while it makes sense that Wyoming would make the top 12 list of places to live off the grid, it does not make sense that Wyoming would be at the bottom of that list.

More toward the top, with points off for harsh winters and a short growing season.

Wyoming has all the resources to set anyone up and the people of the state embrace the old ways because the state was settled before there was a grid, and people still like it that way.


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