Remember the mule deer buck in town a little over a month ago? (If not, click here).

Consider yourself lucky if you saw him because Wyoming mule deer are in steep decline. 

Mule deer have been in decline for the last 30 years, and this last winter didn’t do them any favors: the current crop of fawns in the Wyoming Range was essentially “wiped out” and 80% of adult males were killed, according to Wyoming Game and Fish (WGF) Director Brian Nesvik.

To bring the issue to light, WGF is allowing readers free access to their September special about mule deer in the award-winning Wyoming Wildlife magazine. The issue includes striking photos of the deer and accounts of the collared deer in the state. 

The mule deer special highlights the challenges faced by mule deer in the state, and what WGF is doing to mitigate them.

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“Mule deer are an icon of the West, and Wyomingites have a great passion for the species,” said Tracie Binkerd, Wyoming Wildlife editor in WGF’s news release. “After a tough winter, people have been thinking about the state’s mule deer populations. So this is a great time to release a special issue of this kind.”

Nesvik stated that “mule deer face some significant challenges and Game and Fish is investing heavily in implementing new techniques and large-scale habitat work to address mule deer declines. We are dedicated to collaborating with the University of Wyoming to conduct cutting-edge research to learn more about mule deer and things that can be done to reverse the slow, downward trend in many of our states’ populations.” 

The edition is available online for free, in the WGF store for $2.50, or as part of a Wyoming Wildlife yearly subscription for $14.95. 

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