Wyoming has been getting a lot of national attention over the last five years or so. Between both Kanye West and Jeffree Star moving here, to successful television series like Yellowstone and more recently, The Last of Us on HBO Max, more people can now readily identify the Cowboy State on a map.

The Last of Us has been doing so well, it's already surpassed the Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon as the most streamed show on the platform, even with the season finale going up against the 95th Academy Awards (better known as the Oscars).

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If you are not caught up on the show yet (and definitely if you haven't completed the first video game), look no further! There are major spoilers ahead!

While there have been a few slight variations between the video game and the television series, there were a some aspects (a lot actually), that were damn near shot for shot. You can see some of those comparisons in the videos below.

The first video shows comparisons throughout the entire season. The second video (which is much longer and more detailed), is just the ninth episode.

Like every single episode so far, there has been a short "Inside the Episode" featurette that follows. The season finale featurette goes into detail about why the writers and creators of the show chose not to change the ending. From the amount of emotions on everyone's faces (actors, writers, etc.), you could tell it was a hard one to shoot and perform.

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