If you have goals to live off the grid, or have a weekend getaway cabin, we've found it for you.

Facebook Marketplace has become a great source for finding, just about anything, you need. I don't know about you, but I get lost in the pages and pages of items, vehicles, pet supplies, used sporting goods, toys for the kids and housing.


Many of the items you see have a very unique feel about them. Like an item listed as a 'horseshoe shoe rack' that Debra Reddy posted for sale.

Horseshoe shoe rack
Debra Reddy via Facebook

Or handmade barrel stoves, that Michelle Mathson has available.

Barrel Stove
Michelle Mundell Mathson via Facebook

I'm telling you, if you haven't clicked the 'marketplace' button on Facebook, you're missing out. You'll find things that

A. you didn't know existed

B. you didn't know you needed

C. that are so unique and special, you can't resist.

If you love hitting up garage or yard sales, auctions or antiquing....you can do all of those things and NEVER. LEAVE. THE. HOUSE.

Ever since coming to Casper, I've always thought it would be great to be able to head out on my own piece of property and spend quality time with nature. The problem I've always had is trying to decide what the best type of cabin or house to put on the land.

On a recent rabbit hole trip down Facebook Marketplace Lane, I FINALLY found what I've been looking for...A 30' x 8' tiny house, with a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room, that's built on a gooseneck trailer that's listed by Brock Tamlin.

This thing looks great, would be perfect for your 'rustic' cabin and you could move it all around your property for different views at different times.

Check it out.

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