Many times in life, dad is a kids first hero. He want's to be just like dad.

Dress the same way, talk the same way, do the same things and just be around dad. That's really the same in the animal world too. How else is a young buck or bull going to know what to do, if they're not influenced by dad.

If you ever watched Bambi, he eventually becomes the 'Prince of the Forest', by watching and being trained by his father.

Ranching families are the same way, a father passes his ranching skills to his son, then he passes them on to his son. Keeping ranching in the family.

In professional sports, many times a player's kids will be talented and want to be just like dad and play sports too. Think of baseball players like Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr. or football players like Howie Long and his sons Chris and Kyle Long.

The same is true in the music world, Chris and Ned LeDoux are great examples of a son following in his dads footsteps.

Ok, so the father's in the animal world aren't always the best dads and inspiring to their young. Many times, like with cows or bison, the dad's job is to get fresh with the mom and make sure his line continues on.

A good rodeo bull will be used to breed, so his good genes are passed down to the next generation of bulls.

When bulls breed, they pass down certain traits to their young, whether that's a buckin' bull, a bull elk or a bison bull.

The Bison Secret Of Thermopolis Wyoming

Thermopolis has so much to offer.
The Wind River Canyon.
River Rafting
Fly Fishing
Unique Shops.
Dinosaur Bone Hunting.
Dinosaur Museum.

Did you know about the Thermopolis buffalo pasture?

Baby Bison In Thermopolis Wyoming