Known for their catchy melodies, smooth harmony and driving beats, The Doobie Brothers were one of the most popular and commercially successful bands of the 1970s. Much of this success, and certainly much of that driving beat came in large part from longtime drummer Michael Hossack, who died this week at his home in Dubois, Wyo.The 65 year old Hossack had been battling cancer since 2010.

Born in New Jersey, Hossack began playing the drums at a young age with a Boy Scouts drum and bugle corps before joining the Navy and serving in the Vietnam War. After an honorable discharge in 1969, Hossack joined a band called Mourning Reign who shortly after disbanded. Not long after, a band called The Doobie Brothers, well aware of the drumming abilities of Hossack, invited him to join them, an invitation that was accepted.

Hossack was initially a part of the band for only three years, leaving after a 10-month tour in 1974, however he was a part of the band long enough to see the release of three albums and the band's first #1 hit, "Black Water."

Hossack rejoined the band in 1987 for a series of concerts to benefit Vietnam veterans and had been playing with the band for the better part of the last 25 years until he left to focus on his health.

Hossack is survived by his brother Eric, his son Mike Jr. and his daughter Erica.