A newspaper story had a real Christmas Spirit this morning. A 12-year-old collected plenty of socks for all of Laramie County's homeless.

It may seem odd for a kid to love socks. People on the street, however, really love the new ones without holes - warm and comfy. That can literally be a lifesaver.

In seventh grade at McCormick Junior High, Chris Barto now has 1,835 pairs of socks, more than enough to go around. Chris told wyomingnews.com that it makes him sad to see the homeless downtown, "because they always look really cold."

In Laramie County there are more than 200 homeless and the statewide total is 873. Now, thanks to Chris, socks can be distributed again during the year.

Chris told kwgn.tv, “Someone said the most needed thing for homeless people was socks and that really touched me.”

The whole wonderful post from wyomingnews.com has more specific details on the collections process, including how Chris gave up his allowance for it.

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