Who is the best high school football player in Wyoming history? How about the best team? And why did Guernsey have to end its undefeated season of 1951 early? Wyoming native Patrick Schmiedt looks into all of these questions in his book, "A Century of Fridays: Wyoming High School Football, 1894-2011."

The results of over 22,000 games played by 102 high schools can be found as well as coaches for every school and season and all-state teams dating back to 1920. In addition to numbers and names, Schmiedt tracks the evolution of high school football in Wyoming and digs up stories that were on the verge of being forgotten.

In an interview with Sportsline Live, Schmiedt said that high school football in Wyoming is unique because each team is a true expression of every town and the people within them.

Most of the information in the book comes from printed newspapers. One can only imagine the miles of microfilm Schmiedt must have sifted through to compile this information. Luckily, we all get to benefit from the 596 page effort, which is at this time, one of a kind.

Some of the information offered in the book is also available on Patrick's blog, but other features such as the Top 100 Coaching Records can only be found in "A Century of Fridays." It is currently available for online purchase through the publisher at lulu.com.

Schmiedt reported high school football for the Casper Star-Tribune for four years before moving to Fargo, North Dakota to teach journalism. This is his first book.

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