Folks have been cooped up. They want to get out and breathe. Cabin fever might feel worse than coronavirus fever.

When the Yellowstone Park Superintendent, Cam Sholly, joined me on the Wake Up Wyoming morning show I asked him about people gathering together.

"People go to Yellowstone to social distance," I said. "But there are places where they gather in large numbers, like at Old Faithful."

Mr. Sholly told me that park rangers will not force anyone but will encourage people to spread out. That is about the best that they can do.

Now that the park is open, it seems that the "best that they can do" will not be enough as thousands of people clump together at the most popular sites.

So much for social distancing.

It was also noticed by observers that very few people seem to be wearing face masks, especially when in those large groups.

“We checked the webcam at Old Faithful at about 3.30pm yesterday,” said Kristin Brengel, the Senior Vice-President of Government Affairs at the National Parks Conservation Association. “Not much physical distancing happening and not a single mask in sight.” (Yahoo News).

I have been asked several times by listeners if I think America will ever get back to the way it was before or are we forever going to be six feet apart and wearing face masks.

My answer was about what we are now seeing at Yellowstone, and many other events around the nation, and even at your local grocery store. "It will not take long for people to go back to doing things they way they like to do them."

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