The Annual Days of Remembrance-Holocaust Memorial Observance was held at the Wyoming Capitol Wednesday. 

From 1933 to 1945 more than six million Jews were killed in Europe during the Holocaust. That's 10 percent of the world's Jewish population.

Cheyenne residents and Holocaust survivors, Helen Zigmond and Zoltan Gancz lit six candles, one for each million Jews killed during the Holocaust.

Keynote speaker, Rabbi Joshua Narrowe, Wing Chaplain at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, said it meant a lot to him that the Governor, the state and the country takes the time to remember the victims of the holocaust.

The idea of human dignity, respect for human dignity and respect of individuals no matter what your skin color is, no matter what your religion is, protecting that is an important value in our country and I think that says a lot about our country.

Governor Matt Mead signed a proclamation making this week “Days of Rememberance"  in Wyoming. Governor Mead says he will continue to recognize the Jewish people and give a voice to those who had theirs taken away.

The theme designated by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for the 2014 Observance is "Confronting the Holocaust: American Responses."