The Wyoming Medical Center and all other health care organizations in the United States will move to the new International Classification of Diseases on Thursday, according to a news release from the hospital.

The ICD is the coding system used by hospitals and physician offices to code all patient diagnoses, symptoms and procedures.

ICD-10 marks the first time in 35 years the coding system has been updated. Health care organizations in the United States have been using ICD-9 since 1979.

The updated codes are better suited to reflect modern diagnoses and treatments, while providing more specific information in each code.

The ICD coding system is maintained and standardized by the World Health Organization and most developed countries have already adopted ICD-10.

The Wyoming Medical Center has been planning for this change for many months, and it expects a smooth transition. However, some unforeseen glitches may arise, according to the news release.

Most patients will not notice the change.

Some patients who have future or standing orders for lab tests or screenings issued by their health care providers before Thursday may need to make sure those orders have been updated with the proper ICD-10 codes, according to the news release. "If you think this applies to you, contact your physician’s office and ask if the orders have been updated."

After Thursday, Medicare and some commercial payer claims will not be accepted if they do not contain a valid ICD-10 code.