The Wyoming Lottery is hoping to be able to start selling tickets this summer, this according to the new CEO of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation, Jon Clontz.

Clontz says that the corporation is currently requesting proposals from gaming vendors. Those proposals from interested vendors are due in the beginning of February, then the Wyoming Lottery Corporation will choose a vendor and start a contract.

"Once we get a contract with a selected vendor, then we can start the implementation plan," says Clontz.  "Getting retailers signed up, getting machines out there, getting retailers trained and getting tickets up for sale."

Clontz goes on to say that interested vendors will have to submit proposals by February 5th, and the Corporation will then select a desired vendor using a "complex evaluation tool."

"We'll announce the selection and then we'll work with the selected gaming vendor on getting to a contract," explains Clontz.  "That's the key, critical thing that needs to happen to get closer to ticket sales."

Wyoming will offer two types of draw-style games.  Powerball and Mega Millions, both of which have seen record jackpots over last year.

Clontz does explain, however, that Wyoming will not be participating in any kind of instant-win style games.  "No scratch-off tickets," he says.  "Mega Millions and Powerball are multi-state games.  Those are the only two games that we will be selling and those are the only two games that we are permitted to sell."

Clontz was named CEO of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation last September.  The corporation was created last year, following legislation, signed by Governor Matt Mead, to allow Wyoming to participate in multi-state lottery games.