Doing a lot of driving during Cheyenne Frontier Days?

Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Gabe Testerman stopped by earlier this week to record a Public Service Announcement about safe driving during 'The Daddy of 'em All.'

Trooper Testerman had some great tips on surviving the last full week of July when thousands of visitors descend upon our Capitol City.

  • Use patience, things may take longer this week with the increased traffic.
  • Plan alternate routes, stay informed on where big events are taking place.
  • Practice safe driving skills, try not to get angry with other drivers.

Many of the tourists in town are not familiar with our one-way streets or roundabout so use extra caution in those areas. (I see a vehicle going the wrong way on 20th Street outside our ANB Bank windows about every week, luckily haven't seen any accidents yet)

Some places to avoid during Cheyenne Frontier Days, if you don't want to get stuck in a crowd include:

  • Frontier Park, along Eighth Avenue, fills up before and after rodeos (near noon and after 4 p.m.) and Night Shows (they start at 8 p.m. and let out usually after 10:30 or 11 p.m.)
  • Parades roll through downtown Cheyenne on both Saturdays, Tuesday and Thursday, starting a half hour earlier this year at 9 a.m. They start at the state capitol building and head south down Capitol Ave. to 18th St., then east to Central Ave., south to Lincolnway, west to Carey Ave., and north to 24th Street.
  • Free pancake breakfasts are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7 to 9 a.m. at the Depot Plaza downtown. They attract thousands of visitors each day.

Cheyenne Frontier Days runs from July 18 through July 27. Drive carefully, here's Trooper Gabe Testerman's PSA to listen to.