For the second time in his time as Governor, Matt Mead delivered a state of the state address.  In front of a packed house at the State Capitol in Cheyenne, Mead addressed the many issues Wyoming has faced in the past year, as well as the issues facing Wyoming in the future. The most significant of those heading into the yearly address was the vast concern over the state budget proposal which was reduced by $100 million dollars after a reduction in natural gas prices.  Despite the financial woes that may be in the immediate future of Wyoming's natural resources industry, Mead says our efforts must be to remain prosperous economically.

To keep the economic recovery going and growing in Wyoming; jobs and the economy must remain top priorities. Therefore we must continue to look for ways to diversify our economy and we have made some headway."

Some of the headway addressed by the Governor has come on the technological front, but Mead hopes that consistent growth in other areas of the natural resources front will continue to benefit the state.

In the nearly 50 minute speech, the Governor also heavily addressed education, wolves, and the people that make the state strong.

Click below to hear entire audio from the speech.