The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has announced that cyclists in Laramie will no longer have use of the puck actuation system to signal a green light at the Grand Avenue and 13th St. intersection.

The puck actuation system was installed 18 months ago to help cyclist signal green lights, but upon WYDOT’s review, the system was less effective than the pedestal buttons.

The puck actuation system proved to have several problems that made it unpractical. First, the system was activated magnetically through the presence of metal bikes to request a green light. This proved as a source of frustration for cyclists with composite bikes who had trouble triggering the system.

The system was also occasionally triggered by parked vehicles or large trucks. In addition, the pucks were hard to locate after snowfall.

WYDOT in a press release stated that the system has been shut down and the puck decal markings will be removed when the weather permits.