The deadline for those who want health care coverage through WINhealth has been extended. The Wyoming based non-profit managed care company, has extended its enrollment deadline to Dec. 30th. Originally Wyoming residents, who wanted  to enroll in WINhealth's medical plans, had to enroll by Monday Dec. 23, if they wanted their coverage to be effective Jan. 1st. President and CEO, Stephen Goldstone, explains why consumers were given an extra 7 days.

Goldstone Clip

WINhealth has also announced that individuals now have a 10-day extension for their first month premium payment. Now, Instead of the Dec. 31st date, consumers can pay the first payment  on Jan. 10th. Wyoming residents are urged to investigate which medical plans are best suited for them. Consumers can find more information on the varying medical coverages by visiting or contacting WINhealth at (307) 773-1300. Mr. Goldstone implores the people of Wyoming  to research whether or not they qualify for a medical subsidy to help them pay for medical plans. Individuals can learn if they qualify for a subsidy by visiting the website above and or calling WINhealth.