Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of peanuts and beer.

Think of your favorite ballpark. What comes to mind? The players? The stands? The hot, heavy sun on the back of your neck? Or is it really....the food?

We've picked a handful of our own personal favorites from ballparks we've visited...but we want to know...what's your favorite ballpark food? (How did we do on selecting ours? Any we missed?)

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Psst...click the food headers below to get some excellent professional recipes, similar to the ballpark's! 

  • 1

    Juicy Lime-Seasoned Corn on the Cob

    US Cellular Field, Chicago White Sox

    Large crowds, sunny days and outdoor events are ripe for eating juicy, sweet corn on the cob. Prepared over a grill and wrapped in the husk and tin foil? Perfection.

    A great runner up at US Cellular Field: Chicago Dog. Hold the ketchup.

    Maksym Narodenko/ThinkStock
  • 2

    Chicken and Waffles Sandwich

    Turner Field, Atlanta Braves

    It's a classic: the pairing of chicken and waffles is the food world as tires are to a car. Or as coffee is to creamer. It's a little salty, a little sweet, and a little easier to eat when smashed between two pieces of sweet southern-made bread.

    A great runner up at Turner Field: hot buttered popcorn.

  • 3

    Decadent Summer Ribeye

    Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City Royals

    You'd think that a great steakhouse would offer a ribeye worth noting in a list like this... but the Kansas City bbq-ers know their stuff. And the ribeyes can be smelled everywhere in the stadium. Definitely worthwhile to stop and get one before the game begins.

    A great runner up for Kauffman Stadium: Pulled pork sandwiches.

    Valentyn Volkov/ThinkStock
  • 4

    Vegetarian Planet Hoagie

    Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies

    Ok...hear us out... we know it's not your normal "meaty" fare--no hotdogs, pulled meat sandwiches, bacon, etc. But the contract between the crispy outside and melty-soft inside of the eggplant, and the bread? And the sauce? Makes you forget it's even remotely vegetarian. (And trust... it wouldn't be on any of our "healthy" lists).

    A great Citizens Bank Park runner up: Philly Cheesesteak (of course!)

  • 5

    Spicy Tuna Ichiroll

    Safeco Field, Seattle Mariners

    Guaranteed you won't find anything quite like this at any other ballpark--a special spicy tuna roll...done up sandwich-style. Decadent, and delicious. And not at all normal fare for a baseball game.

    A great runner up for Safeco Field: Wild Salmon Sandwich.