Trevor T. Trujillo, Townsquare Media

The Laramie City Council voted in favor of a waste management fee increase. The proposed ordinance would increase the rate of waste disposal from $5.55 to $5.74 per kitchen unit every month. Buildings with multiple kitchen units, such as apartments, will be charges $5.74 per kitchen unit.

Supporters say the increase will provide the revenue needed to maintain a new, EPA-approved landfill in Laramie. Landfills now must be equipped with a liner and a Lechate collection system, which protects the ground water from contamination.

Solid Waste Manager, Brooks Webb, explains the need for the 19 cents increase:

Waste Manager Clip

According to City Council procedures, each ordinance must undergo three separate readings and three subsequent approval votes. If approved, the effective date for the fee increase is March 1st.