The University of Wyoming Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) awarded Plummer Interdisciplinary Excellence Scholarships to four UW graduate students.

According to the University, Chelsea Biondolillo, Portland, Oregon; Bailey Schreiber, Jackson; Megan Taylor, Swainsboro, Georgia, and Eric Krszjzaniek, Madison, Wisconsin will be rewarded a $5,000 scholarship to help support graduate studies. The UW release goes onto say the award is given out to the following students who show great incredible academic achievements in environment and natural resources.

"This field is characterized by innovation. The most effective environmental and natural resource leaders appreciate the perspectives and experiences of others, and find novel ways to integrate knowledge," says Courtney Carlson, Haub School academic programs assistant director. "These outstanding students who bring together ideas from many disciplines will be at the forefront of creative problem solving in the coming decades."

The University says Biondolillo is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction writing with a double major in environmental and natural resources. The release states Biondolillo is working on a writing a book on human development.

According to the UW release, Schreiber is a very hard working student as well as she's going after a Jurist Doctorate/Master of Arts in law and environment and natural resources.

The release goes onto say Taylor is pursuing a second master's degree in public administration and environment and natural resources. UW says she hopes to finish it all by next year.

The University states Krszjzaniek is about to be in his second year of his Master of Arts in English and ENR. The release says he will spend a portion of year traveling around North America exploring how the idea of "wilderness" changes people's environmental ethics.

For more information on the HAUB School of Environment and Natural Resources and more, you can contact their communications coordinator Emilene Ostlind at (307) 766-4599 or by email at emilene