When it comes to marriage in the United States the famous Bob Dylan lyrics "times they are a changin" quickly came to mind. With America's struggling economy and the exponential growth of technology and the influence of media as well as a number of other factors, it seem that marriage doesn't have the same importance or value as it once had.

Some may argue that marriage these days isn't necessary. Others may argue that marriage is a sacred right and should be valued. Either way marriage rates have been declining in recent years and according to a new Census Bureau Analysis, marriage rates are at an all time low.

The Census Bureau Analysis states that Southern and Western states rank among the highest in marriage rates. States ranking the highest in marriages are Utah, Wyoming and Arkansas. The three states also had higher rates of divorce but did not rank among the highest in that category.

States ranked at the top in divorce rates are Maine, Alaska, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Nevada. Meanwhile, states ranking lowest in divorce rates are New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. As of now 52% of adults 18 and over are currently married compared to 57% in 2000.

The analysis also found that people are waiting longer for marriage. Since the 1970's the percentage of women who wed as teens have dropped drastically. When it comes to men and marriage the trend shows that many men are postponing marriage until after college.