Two forensic scientists from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Laboratory in Laramie have been named to a federal task force for wildlife forensics. Kim Frazier and Tasha Bauman will serve on the Wildlife Forensics Subcommittee for the Federal Task Force on the Organization of Scientific Area Committees.

Frazier is a Certified Wildlife Forensic Scientist and is the wildlife forensics program manager for the Game and Fish laboratory. She has 15 years forensic experience with the department. She was also one of the founding members of the Scientific Working Group for Wildlife Forensics. She carries a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and a master’s degree in forensic DNA and serology, which is the scientific study of plasma serum and other bodily fluids.

Bauman, a forensic analyst at the Laboratory, has been with the Game and Fish Laboratory since 2006.  She served as tooth aging coordinator before beginning her career in wildlife forensics. Bauman has a master’s degree in forensic science (DNA and criminalistics) and is a Certified Wildlife Forensic Scientist. She was also a founding member of the Society for Wildlife Forensic Science and still holds a board position.