The Laramie County Sheriff's Department has announced the arrest of three Cheyenne men for allegedly planing to rob the Burns Bank, as well as possessing  stolen firearms and a stolen truck.

Sheriff's Department spokesman Gerry Luce identifies the men as 20 year old Cory Dysart, 25 year old William McCurdy and 28 year old Derick Gifford, all of Cheyenne. Luce says the men tried to rob the bank on the morning of January 31, but were blocked by locked doors. Bank employees had locked the doors after arriving at work, and they remained locked at the time of the attempted robbery.

Luce says the men fled the scene when they heard a report on the police scanner about the stolen truck they were driving., and bank employees didn't know that an attempted robbery had taken place. Luce says the state Division of Criminal Investigation heard about the attempted robbery during it's investigation of an unrelated case, and the sheriff's department arrested the men after following up on the information.

Luce says the truck had been stolen in Cheyenne, while the firearms had been taken from a Colorado resident. The truck and guns were recovered in Colorado.