ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. (AP) — Three people from Rock Springs are accused of fighting with a police officer after allegedly cursing and gesturing at players at youth basketball tournament.

Forty-year-old Jennifer Brooks, 18-year-old Tess Brooks and 20-year-old Dusty Wagnone were being held in the Sweetwater County jail Tuesday. They were arrested Friday at the tournament for fifth- and sixth-grade girls.

The Rocket-Miner reports that police say the group refused to settle down so school resource officer Russ Petek told them to leave. According to police, the elder Brooks punched Petek in the face and Wagnone tackled the officer as he attempted to arrest her. The younger Brooks allegedly also punched Petek several times. Police say Wagnone also tried to grab Petek's weapon.

It's not clear whether any of them have a lawyer.