This week, a new study surfaced suggesting that bald men are more handsome, more masculine and stronger than guys with a full head of hair.

To celebrate that groundbreaking scientific discovery, here's a look back at the five most famous follically challenged men in Wyoming history.

Tom Benitez, Pool/Getty Images

1. Dick Cheney - Fortunately for him, Cheney's political career lasted longer than his hairline did. The former Vice President, Secretary of Defense and U.S. Congressman is, arguably, the most famous person from Wyoming.

2. Joseph Carey - One of the architects of Cheyenne, Carey served as Wyoming's first United States Attorney, Cheyenne's first mayor, a United States Congressman, Senator and eventually became the eighth Governor of the Cowboy State.

3. Milward Simpson - By the time Simpson graduated from the University of Wyoming, his hairline was already receding. He went on to become a United States Senator and our 23rd Governor.

4. Jim Geringer - The native son of Wheatland famously feuded with the website AOL while serving as Wyoming Governor in 1997. Geringer served two terms as Governor before leaving office in 2003.

5. (Tie) Matt Mead - Have you seen Governor Mead lately? When he took office in 2011, his hairline was still hanging in there. These days, it's hanging on for dear life.

5. (Tie) Craig Bohl - The head coach of Wyoming's football program was going bald back in the late 70s, when he played for Nebraska. He later became an assistant coach for the Cornhuskers before winning three straight Division I titles at North Dakota State.

Drew Hallowell, Getty Images