City Council

Laramie City Council Approves New Charter Agreement
“They’ve been bringing not only the local manager but also vice presidents, and listening to us and also responding very quickly to customers’ concerns,” says Shumway. “Not that they solved all of them – because they didn’t.”
Vitale: Charter Needs to Come to the Table
“Since this company has taken over, the service is just – almost zero,” says Vitale. “People just aren’t getting what they’re paying for and it doesn’t seem to be a concerted effort to expedite doing whatever they have to do to put this stuff in order…
Chalk N’ Cheese Wins Liquor License
The City of Laramie awarded the last remaining retail liquor license to Chalk N’ Cheese in a special session on Monday night.
The council took just under two hours to complete the session.  Public comment was heard for each applicant and after a short recess, the council returned…
Retail Liquor License Hearing
The Laramie City Council will convene in a special meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 30, for a hearing to award the new retail liquor license.
Arsenio Lemus Holding, LLC; Shocktoberfest Productions, LLC; Hero Primo, LLC; Chalk N’ Cheese, LLC; High Elevations Investments, LLC; and Big D Oil Comp…

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