Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dale Steenbergen says the outlook for the Laramie County economy in 2014 is strong.

He says the local economy is "going through a time that is very prolific" for businesses both large and small. He says the new Cheyenne Prairie Generating Plant which is being built on Campstool Road will provide energy for all the new businesses in the area. Steenbergen also says the oil industry is making more of a contribution to the local economy than many people think.

He says anyone who doesn't believe that should take a drive towards Swan Ranch, Campstool Road or east on Interstate 80  "and I think you'll be convinced pretty quickly that the oilfield is doing pretty well in and around Cheyenne".

While he admits there "isn't as much drilling as in Colorado" he says the oil industry has still created at least 750 jobs in the Laramie County economy.