The Wyoming Attorney General has filed a motion stating the State does not object to third party candidates raising money during the primary election period.

The Wyoming Libery Group sued the state on behalf of Jennifer Young, who is running for Secretary of State as the Constitution Party candidate  and Don Wills who wanted to contribute to her campaign now, in federal district court over a law passed in 2009. The law prohibited candidates who are not Republicans or Democrats from raising money until the general election.

Governor Matt Mead in a news release said " the Secretary of State and I believe that, given the decision rendered in another federal court case this year, third party candidates should be able to raise money during the primary for use in the general election.”

The law in question is related to contributions to political candidates. Third-party candidates do not run in a primary, instead they are nominated by their parties. Wyoming law says those candidates cannot accept campaign contributions from anyone other than family members until the general election starts.