Speed Limit Bill

The Senate passed House Bill 12 on third and final reading. The bill would give the state’s Highway Superintendent authority to increase the maximum speed limit on interstates from 75 to 80 mph. Cheyenne Representative Dave Zwonitzer (HD-9), who co-sponsored the bill, said the state won’t immediately increase the limit because there will have to be a lot of safety issues addressed first.

Education/Special Session 

House majority floor leader Representative Kermit brown said he did not bring up Senate File 106, the bill that would have set the parameters for a special session to deal with the fallout of the Wyoming Supreme Court's decision in the Cindy Hill case, because he thought it was premature. Brown said he said the next step is for the case to go back to the District Court for further consideration there.  Meanwhile the Senate voted to confirm Richard Crandall as head of the Wyoming Department of Education


Senator Charlie Scott, head of the Senate Health, Labor and Social Services committee says he thinks the medicaid amendment in the budget bill was a mistake. Th Amenment calls on Governor Matt Mead and other Wyoming officials to investigate whether they can reach an agreement with the federal government to expand medicaid on the state's terms.