Two years ago, President Barack Obama's health care reform bill, widely referred to as, "Obamacare" was passed, and as quickly as the term "Obamacare" became used, it seemed to solidify itself into our vernacular. Whether this was because of the contentious nature the bill swiftly carry or the vast amount of publicity and scrutiny the legislation received. A very polarizing issue, healthcare is always widely discussed during elections, but seems more so this year than in any election of recent memory.

One elected official not shying away from the discussion is Wyoming Senator John Barrasso who opposes the bill is using the anniversary of it to point out the promises made by President Obama in regards to the bill and how those promises have been broken.

  • Broken Promise #1: Obama promised to protect Medicare
    Rather than protecting Medicare, Barrasso says the president took $500 Billion from Medicare to not save or strengthen Medicare, but to start an entirely new government program.
  • Broken Promise #2: Obama promised that the health care bill would not add one dime to our federal deficit.
    Barrasso says accounting figures show that the first decade of the health care bill will increase the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • Broken Promise #3: Obama said there is no need for a mandate.
    Barrasso says 3/4 of all Americans believe that unconstitutional for any body of government to sign mandate that they buy a government approved product, something that is a key component of the bill.
  • Broken Promise #4: Obama said there would be no tax increases as a result of the bill.
    Barrasso says there are in fact now numerous taxes that have been raised as a result of the health care law.
  • Broken Promise #5: Obama said that 4 million small business would be eligible for tax credits.
    Barrasso says that of the 4 million firms expected to receive the tax credit, only 7% are receiving any kind of benefit.

To see all of Senator Barrasso's comments, you can see the video of his statements below. Do you agree with Barrasso's statements? Do you feel he has valid, factual arguments against President Obama, or do you think he is only showing one side of an argument? Do you want to see "Obamacare" repealed, or are you in support of it? Let us know by commenting below!