Identity theft happens to businesses much like it does to individuals and nationwide secretaries of state are collaborating on an effort to prevent business identity theft.

Wyoming Secretary of State, Max Maxfield, says, in a step towards prevention, they’ve set up a website where business owners can review their records.

“This website will help you understand just exactly what Identity Theft is when it comes to businesses and how to avoid being duped by the thieves that are taking over and hijacking businesses.”

Maxfield says thieves often look for companies that have been recently dissolved or are about to be dissolved and then they establish lines of credit in that business name.

Business owners should review their records regularly online at and report anything that is incorrect or suspicious.

The Identity Theft Protection Association (ITPA) has recently launched a website, that offers information on the  multitude of ways  business identity theft can occur, risk management and prevention information, victim assistance, and comprehensive local resources for each U.S. state and territory.

For more information you can contact the Secretary of State’s Office at or by calling 307-777-7370.