The Laramie Police Department needs help from the community to find a man suspected of criminal entries in Laramie.  The composite sketch provided by police was completed by a witness.

The suspect has been described as a clean-shaven white male in his early 20s.  He has brown eyes, thin lips, a wide mouth, and straight teeth with no gaps.  He was also described to be wearing a dark, flat-billed hat and a dark coat.

On the nights of Aug. 29, Aug. 30, and Oct. 9, a white male allegedly broke into apartments occupied by college-age women.  In each case, the women were inside and asleep at the time that the suspect broke in.  All three apartments were entered through garden-level windows.

All of the break-ins occurred on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Laramie Police Department is reminding the community to make their homes secure, be aware of their surroundings, and use sound personal safety practices.  Police say that Laramie residents should keep their doors locked whether they are at home or not; they advise that sliding doors and picture windows should have coverings in order to minimize an outsider’s ability to peer into a residence.

With garden-level windows and sliding doors especially, additional locking mechanisms–such as a dowel in the door slide–should be considered as a backup to an ordinary thumb lock.

Anyone with information regarding these break-ins is being asked to contact Det. Joel Senior or Sgt. Curtis Moore of the Laramie Police Department at (307) 721-3548.