Boulder Drive from Grand Avenue to Bill Nye now has striping that creates two traffic lanes for each north and southbound traffic, hopefully a measure that will alleviate congestion on the commute to or from Laramie High School.

Pavement markings denoting a shared lane, also known as "sharrows," will also be placed on Boulder Drive, according to the Laramie Police Department.

The "sharrows" do not designate a particular part of the street for the exclusive use of bicyclists; they are simply designed to guide bicyclists to the best place to ride, and will help motorists expect to see and share the lane with bicyclists.

Officials hope that before the end of the year, a separate bike path will be completed on the west side of Boulder Drive, tying into existing bike paths near the recreation center and LHS, on the north and south respectively.

Signs prohibiting parking, stopping and standing are also being installed near LHS to reinforce the parking prohibition.

The Laramie Police Department emphasizes that with heavy traffic in the area, everyone -- drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians -- should slow down, be alert and stay safe.