In the wake of the tragic deaths of 3 St. Bernard dogs on Ridgecrest Drive, a new group out of Jackson has weighed in on trapping in the state.

Wyoming Untrapped was formed in 2012 after a series of similar events in Teton County, where family pets were hurt or killed by traps and snares set on public land.

Founder Lisa Robertson says their goal is not to ban trapping in the state, simply to establish common sense limits and setbacks from trails and neighborhoods. She points out that, yes, trappers have the right to use public land, but so do hikers and their pets.

Wyoming Untrapped

She also contends pet owners have a responsibility to keep their animals on a leash or at least within calling or visual distance.

The group will hold a workshop in Casper in the coming weeks to explain the issue, and offer common sense tips on safe recreation in areas where traps may be found.

You can find out more at their website,