I've searched and read the "motor driven cycles" laws but it's unclear on some requirements. I want to ride legally. I have an electric adult scooter and it is very similar to a bicycle but has no pedals. It is 500 watts (1/2 horsepower) and goes 18 mph. It is only supplied with a serial number. Do I need to file for a VIN to title it and get license plates? Is a motorcycle license required?


"This is a very difficult one to answer with complete confidence. There are so many variants of this issue that it gets confusing. It is almost a case by case or vehicle by vehicle answer. Generally if it is under 75cc (scooters) no license and no driver's license are required. The traffic regulation associated with a bicycle must be followed. Questions can be directed to the Laramie Police Department at telephone number 307-721-2526."

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