Senate File 88, a bill that detailing the optional expansion of medicaid failed introduction in the Wyoming Senate on a 14-16 vote.Senator Bill Landen (SD-27) said there has been a lot of discussion on both sides of the issue; on the one hand, you want to help the uninsured residents who need health insurance coverage, but the timing isn't great right now with the Affordable Care act "falling all over itself."

The Wyoming House failed to introduce a bill that would have provided $1.5 million in state funding for Preschool Programs over a three-year period. Most of the funds would be grants to local communities and organizations that apply.

Representative Matt Teeters (HD-5), Chairman of the House Education Committee, said the conversation about early childhood education will continue, but lawmakers didn't want to deal with the issue during a budget session.

A bill pending in the House would allow teachers and others over age 21 to carry concealed guns at schools and on college campuses. The bill's sponsor, Representative Allen Jaggi, said he believes the bill would improve school security. The bill needs a two-thirds majority in the house in order to move forward.