A 30-year-old man will stand trial in Albany County District Court beginning Wednesday on charges that he sexually abused a young child in 2015.

The man is charged with one felony count each of sexual exploitation of a child, sexual abuse of a minor in the second degree and sexual abuse of a minor in the third degree. He could face a maximum sentence of 47 years in prison and $30,000 in fines if convicted on all counts.

According to a Laramie police affidavit, the child reported the alleged abuse to school employees Oct. 27. The child’s specific description of the abuse is included in court documents.

Judge Jeffrey Donnell found the child incompetent to testify at trial in a Feb. 24 hearing, but Donnell will allow statements the child made in the presence of a school nurse to be admitted as evidence.

The trial is scheduled to last three days beginning 8 a.m. Wednesday.