The Wyoming Lottery Corporation says the first day of applications for retailers wanting to sell lottery tickets is going well.

Louise Plata, Chief Operations Officer at the Wyoming Lottery Corporation, says that within 90 minutes of retailers being able to apply, more than 200 retailers completed and submitted an application. While most retailers are applying online, Plata says all avenues have been used to apply so far.

People can apply online, through mail, by stopping by the office in Cheyenne or by calling the Wyoming Lottery Corporation.

After retailers complete their application to sell Powerball® and Mega Millions® tickets, those applicants will be notified within 48 hours that the application has been received. After that, Plata says it will take about five weeks for the applications to be reviewed.

Many factors are considered when deciding which stores will sell tickets. Things like location, geography, sales, age demographics, and foot traffic will all be considered when deciding the fate of an application.

Tickets will be available at retail stores in Wyoming on August 24. A list of retailers selling tickets will be available online at

Any questions about the application process can be directed to the Wyoming Lottery Corporation at 307-432-9300.