In a recent online fan survey to find the best college basketball dunk of the year, Wyoming's Larry Nance Jr.'s dunk against San Diego State on January 24 emerged as one of the best throw-downs of the past season.

From the humble beginnings of the play, a simple fast break, to a liftoff about 18 inches inside the free throw line, Nance soared to heights rarely seen at the Arena Auditorium, elevation 7220 feet, and kept soaring across television and computer screens world wide.

The dunk certainly had popularity, and through multiple rounds of voting, Nance secured a spot in the finals of the competition, and after even more voting the results are in... the only catch is- they haven't been announced yet. In an hour long special on Monday night, 3/26 at 9 MT, the results of the national voting will be announced, and Larry Nance Jr.'s spot in college basketball may be secured... We don't know if he will win, or if he will not, all we really know right now is that the special will open with this:

The only bit of prospective I can gather from this show open, is that DJ Steve Porter will have a hand in it, meaning there will be a very awesome video pieced together from sound bites and video bits across this past season. You can enjoy the DJ Steve Porter video below if you wish, but either way, be sure to enjoy the Dunk of the Year Special on Monday Night.