A Laramie man faces a felony charge in Albany County Circuit Court after he was arrested on his fourth DUI charge Friday evening.

Michael McDonald, 27, is charged with driving under the influence – a felony charge since it is his fourth DUI arrest in 10 years. If convicted, he could face up to seven years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

McDonald is also charged with two misdemeanors: driving with a suspended license and driving without an interlock device.

According to a release from the Laramie Police Department, an officer went to the intersection of 5th and Park near Laramie's Undine Park at 7:12 p.m. to investigate a call about an unconscious man slumped over in a silver Ford Taurus. The car was gone when the officer arrived.

Court documents say dispatch told the officer the car had left the scene. The officer soon found the vehicle and pulled it over in the 1600 block of Park.

According to the affidavit, McDonald told the officer he was pre-diabetic and had not eaten in a day and a half. The officer called EMS to check McDonald’s blood sugar.

While the ambulance was on its way, McDonald allegedly told the officer he drank beer about four hours earlier.

EMS reportedly determined that McDonald’s blood sugar was normal and his impairment was not the result of any diabetic complication. The affidavit says McDonald’s blood-alcohol concentration was .28 according to a breath sample.

McDonald was previously convicted of driving while under the influence in Washakie County Circuit Court in 2009, in Laramie Municipal Court in 2012 and in Albany County Circuit Court in 2014.

Court documents say McDonald’s driver’s license was revoked from Sept. 22, 2014 through June 22, 2017. McDonald was also reportedly required to have an interlock system on his vehicle from Sept. 22, 2014 through Sept. 22, 2016.