Coming off a regional title, the Laramie Lady Plainsmen are vying for their first ever state championship at the 2016 Wyoming State Tennis Championships.

Laramie girls have won a total of seven state titles in singles and doubles throughout their history, but it hasn’t been enough to put them atop the team podium.

Head coach Elizabeth Clower believes they’ve have a chance this weekend.

“I absolutely do think they have a shot at this one.”

The Lady Plainsmen have the top seed and an opening round bye at three positions. Lucia Cho at number one singles, plus the number two doubles team of Olivia Dorrell and Tori Longress and the number three doubles duo of Niky Pisitpong and Kyra Wulff all enjoy that luxury.

Number two singles player Lea Bergman and the number one doubles tandem of Morgan Bury and Ally Franc were seeded either third or fourth.

Clower also says they can’t look back.

“It’s a new game. It’s a new day, and we’ve talked about all bets at state are off. Everybody’s a new team at state, so they have to bring what they’ve been bringing, and bring some intensity and some focus.”

The Plainsmen are coming off a fourth place at regionals. They’ve won three team titles and 18 state crowns in singles and doubles in their history. Their path is more difficult.

The number three doubles team of Abijah Ahern and Noah Dreiling are seeded second and face a team from Cheyenne South in their opening round. The rest of the draw for the other four positions has its challenges, as well.

Laramie’s boys are represented at number one singles by Kyle Moore; Ben Graeff at number two singles; Ky Fike and Miles Stump at number one doubles; and at number two doubles is Mao Matsuda and Quingfeng Li.

Clower added that she believes the draws are fine.

“We have a chance everywhere to do well. Are some draws a little tougher than others, yeah, they are, but I don’t see anybody that I would go, gosh, what an unlucky draw. I don’t see that at all.”

Clower says the mentality we’re looking for headed into state is,

“How are we going to win; finding a way to do it; and fighting through the obstacles that will prevent you from reaching your goal.”

Action on the court will take place Thursday through Saturday in Gillette. There are four different venues that will be used the first two days. They are the North and South campuses of Campbell County High School, the Campbell County Recreation Center and the Bicentennial Courts.

Play will start at 8:30 a.m. each day.