Two more retail liquor licenses are available to the City of Laramie and interested parties have started to make their case. Laramie received the licenses because of its increased population in the 2010 census. The city council could award the licenses to any of the eight parties who expressed interest during Tuesday's work session.

Interested parties include:

  • The owners of the Grand Bazaar who are thinking of putting a cocktail lounge at 111 Grand
  • The owners of Bailey's who would like to expand their patio and add to their catering services
  • The owner of El Conquistador would like to add a bar with music and drinks
  • One party would like to open a gastropub called the Crowbar and Grill
  • One party wants to open a retail liquor store in West Laramie
  • One party is interested in starting an alcohol delivery service
  • One party would open a nightclub on North Third Street called Arsenio's Place
  • One party wants to put a steakhouse at the site of the old Fox Theatre called the FoxHole Steakhouse

Tuesday's work session was for pre-application proposals. The Laramie City Council will vote on whether to request applications from interested parties on Dec. 6. Mayor Scott Mullner recused himself from being on the council for the meeting because of his interest in a liquor license.