Today Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen reacted to Laramie's recent approval of a non-discrimination ordinance.

The Mayor says he doesn't want to impose any more regulations banning such discrimination on private businesses operating in the city. He also says there are already federal laws covering the issue.

According to Kaysen, the city already has regulations prohibiting discrimination against people on the basis of sexual orientation identity or orientation in all city business.

When asked Thursday whether he would support a local ordinance such as the anti-discrimination measure passed by the Laramie City Council on Wednesday night, the mayor said he was 'quite comfortable" about how the city handles the issue in terms of employment , dealings with contractors and general city policies.

He said city government clearly has such-anti-discrimination measures in place that protect gay, bisexual and transgender people. He added he was confident the city regulations in place offer adequate protection "with or without" and ordinance similar to the one passed in Laramie.

But Kaysen also said he doesn't want to burden private businesses with any more regulation than what they already face.

The Laramie ordinance bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or identity in housing, employment, or access to public facilities.

When asked whether he would have voted for the Laramie ordinance had he been on the Laramie City Council, Kaysen said he would "need more information" before making a decision.

The Wyoming Legislature has repeatedly refused to pass a statewide anti-discrimination law such as the local ordinance approved in Laramie Wednesday. In the 2015 session a similar bill passed the state Senate easily, but failed in the state House.