Cheyenne attorney Jeremiah Sandburg is running for Laramie County District Attorney. Sandburg, a Republican, is currently a contract attorney for the Platte County Attorney's Office, handling a variety of civil and criminal cases. Prior to that, he served in the Goshen County Attorney's Office in Torrington. Sandburg says his top priority for the office if elected is to make it more transparent:

With transparency I think you are able to, based upon that, follow up on some of the other goals you may have. I want to say tougher, not just the big sentences, because I think it is really easy to hit a home run on a big crime. But just tougher on all crimes altogether.

Sandburg says he also believes that misdemeanors matter. He adds that he wants to make sure any backlog in misdemeanor cases is addressed:

 I don't think there should be that much more of an emphasis on felonies than misdemeanors. They are very important particularly if you are on the receiving end of a misdemeanor crime. If you are victim of a misdemeanor crime it doesn't really matter to you that it is a misdemeanor not a felony.

Sandburg is currently volunteering his time to assist the Wyoming Supreme Court in redrafting the Rule of Procedure Governing the Unauthorized Practice of Law. Sandburg received his undergraduate degree from California State University at San Bernadino and his law Degree at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Sandburg is also a member of Ewing T. Kerr American Inn of the Court, the Laramie County Bar Association, and the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association.